Roxy’s plan to make kids work at Macca’s

Myer Runway

深圳风采投注 PR queen Roxy Jacenko’s seven-year-old daughter already has her own business but the entrepreneur says her kids won’t get any free rides.

Simple way mum saved $1500

Kylie has shared the secret to her savings success.

A busy Queensland mum has revealed how she saved a whopping $1500 in just one month — and it’s so easy, you could do it too.

Why my son won’t go to bed without The Wiggles

Casual baby watching attentive a mobile phone

Lillian Saleh’s toddler has recently gotten into the habit of watching The Wiggles or “choo choo trains” on her mobile phone before he falls asleep. But she’s trying to break him of the habit.

Evans reveals support for anti-vaxxer

My Kitchen Rules judge Pete Evans is celebrating 10 seasons of the Channel 7 show. Picture: Channel 7

MKR host Pete Evans has urged his fans to question vaccinations by sharing a podcast that says non-vaccinated kids are smarter.

Nation bans unvaccinated kids from school

Measles Mumps Rubella Vaccine Vials With Syringe Over Turquoise Background

Anti-vax parents have been warned not to send their kids to school, and told ignoring the new rules will cop them hefty fines.

Kindy escapees run onto 70km/h road

ha aka aja aja ala

Terrifying dashcam footage has captured the moment two children run out onto a 70km/h road after escaping day care in Melbourne.

$1.2m taxpayer-funded trial slammed

A recruitment poster for the Fast Track Trial.

Experts are blowing up about a “cruel” hospital experiment aimed at vulnerable teenagers looking for quick answers.

Aldi’s $8 storage solution mums love

Samantha Davenport-Wilmshurst loves her new toy hack.

Parents everywhere are rejoicing at the end of their kid’s unruly bedrooms, thanks to this clever $8 storage solution.

Mum’s sweet gesture for sick kids

Louise Larkin and Logan Camilleri have teamed up to make a difference. Picture: Supplied.

A Melbourne mum was heartbroken to learn no one showed up to a birthday party for spina bifida sufferer Logan Camilleri.

Mum slammed for leaving 5yo home to cook

Little boy suffering from child abuse curled up on the sofa with his teddy.

A pregnant mother is being slammed online after she admitted to leaving her five-year-old son home alone, while her oven was on to cook chicken nuggets.

Mum dies after daughter’s horror rape

A DEVASTATED mum who fell into a deep depression after her husband allegedly raped and strangled their six-year-old daughter has "died of heartbreak". Dad-of-two Yaroslav Oleinikov, 28, will shortly stand trial for the rape and murder of Veronika, whose body was found with her favourite toy - a rattle - wrapped around her neck. Picture:

A mother has died from a “broken heart” after the alleged rape and brutal murder of her young daughter by her husband.

When did simple custom become so hard?

Shots of how the Chore Scout app works.

Depending which way you look at it, a new way to get children to do chores is genius or way too hard.

Formerly conjoined twins heading home

Children's First Foundation

Formerly conjoined twins Nima and Dawa are ready to head home to Bhutan after undergoing complex separation surgery last year.

When your toddler just wants to know ‘what’s this?’

Portrait of little kid boy sad on birthday. child with lots of toy

Lillian Saleh loves that her toddler wants to know what’s going on — so much so he asks her the same question sometimes up to 20 times a day. And while she is enjoying answering him, she’s not sure how long she can keep it up for.

Momo Challenge: What you need to know

A mother shares a video of her distressed child talking about Momo.

Mums issuing warnings of dangerous online trend affecting kids worldwide have been told their claims are nothing but a hoax by experts.

Mum freaks over daughter’s mullet


A mother was devastated after four-year-old daughter returned home from a sleepover at her gran’s, rocking a “unique look”.

Wrap him in a blanket, nobody will know

Wrap him in a blanket, nobody will know

Olivia was 41 weeks pregnant when she was told something was wrong with her baby. Then her midwife uttered words which broke her completely.

WAG defends son’s ‘lavish’ birthday party

Zoe Marshall

What the fox? This celebrity couple from New Zealand have defended their decision to host a “lavish” fox-themed party for their one-year-old son.

Big W freebie sends parents into spin

Police Operation in Bonnyrigg

There’s nothing parents love more than a freebie for their kids — and people are loving this incredible offer from the Aussie store.

Disturbing find in kids YouTube videos

Little girl playing on her tablet at home

A mum has issued a warning after making an alarming discovery online — leaving parents around the world terrified for their kids.

Mum force feeds game-addicted son

ONE TIME WEB USE ONLY - FEE APPLIES FOR REUSE - Mother, 37, pleads for help to save 'zombie' son, 13, addicted to online gaming A desperate mother has pleaded for help to save her ''zombie'' son after he became addicted to online gaming. Lilybeth Marvel, 37, became concerned two years ago when her son Carlito Garcia, 13, began spending all night at the local internet cafe in Nueva Ecija, Philippines. Picture: Viral Press

A disturbing viral video shows a desperate mother hand feeding her teenage son who refused to take a break from playing a video game.

Girl’s crooked smile hid sinister truth

Emily will likely spend the next year of her life in hospital for treatment. Picture: Facebook

A little girl’s parents thought she had trouble smiling, but they soon found out their four-year-old daughter had something much more sinister.

Boy with Down syndrome becomes star

Elijah wants to be a "famous YouTuber". Picture: Supplied

Elijah is nine, loves performing and wants to become a “famous YouTuber”. He also happens to have Down syndrome.

Toddler had two doughnuts for dinner, so what?

Supplied Editorial Fwd: istock pic

Lillian Saleh has never had to worry about her toddler’s appetite — until now. Just shy of this second birthday, he has gone from eating everything put in front of him, to thumbing his nose and refusing to eat. Until he spied the cinnamon doughnuts.

TV star mum ‘saved’ by stranger

Norm and Jess from The Block, 2018

When one of Australian’s much-loved reality TV stars was in need of help, a good Samaritan stepped up in an unbelievable way.

Chef’s iPad ban infuriates families


A Sydney restaurant owner has banned devices and colouring books from his tables, but he seems to be forgetting why parents come to restaurants.

Mum’s ‘disturbing’ act with son slammed

Autistic Extended Breastfeeding

This mum claims what she does is in her son’s best interests and will stop when he’s ready — but she’s being mercilessly trolled for it.

7yo YouTube star’s big career change

Ryan is now the star of his own TV show. Picture: Nickelodeon

The seven-year-old from Ryan ToysReview made $30 million from his channel last year — but he’s just landed a very glitzy new role.

When your toddler outlasts you on the dance floor

Tired business woman resting her head on desk

For weeks, Lillian Saleh worried about how her toddler would handle his first evening out and whether she made the right call taking him to his cousin’s engagement party. But it turned out she needn’t have worried about the toddler at all — but rather herself.

The secret to an awesome road trip

Little boys aged 8 are looking out of the car window. Sunny summer day in Tuscany, Italy. Nikon D810

Joe Hildebrand thought it would be a great idea to drive to Sydney from Melbourne. He discovered secret men’s business along the way.

Daddy blogger’s major mix-up angers mums

Daddy blogger's post angers mums

A dad of identical twins has been slammed by furious mums after coming clean about a bad habit he just can’t seem to shake.

Call for Aussies to ease up on parenting

Unrecognizable girl playing game on tablet computer

Aussies are being urged to take on an old-fashioned approach to parenting, following claims parents are making things too complicated.

Footy WAG defends anti-vax decision

Mum defends decision to anti-vax

The wife of NRL player Bryce Cartwright has sparked fierce debate, with strangers weighing in on their stance on jabs

Big change to Barbie people are loving

Barbie has expanded its offerings.

The world’s most popular kids toy, Barbie, has just released a new doll with a modern detail — and people are loving the it.

Naughtiest kids names revealed

Baby Boy Eating Spaghetti

A study involving 63,000 children has revealed the names of kids most likely to be naughty as well as those who are nice as pie.

Footy WAG: ‘No nappies or vaccinations’

Anti-vax mum defends decision

The wife of NRL player Bryce Cartwright has defended her parenting decision, despite health authorities warning against it.

Kylie’s insane kids party causes chaos

Kylie Jenner throws Stormi a very lavish birthday

Kylie Jenner threw her one-year-old a lavish first birthday — but the opulent affair has divided parents with some branding it “too much”.

When your toddler has a public tantrum — just smile

Busy parents work while the kid eats breakfast at the table

Toddler tantrums in public can be very stressful — for both the child and the parent. And with Lillian Saleh’s son in full swing lately, it was some advice from another mum on Facebook that is helping her cope.

Chilling photo parents need to see

A fire department shared some very important information about sleeping with doors closed

A fireman has shared a eye-opening image, warning parents about an every day occurance that could be putting their kids at risk each night.

Mums ‘struggling’ with $195 childcare


Childcare in NSW is the highest across Australia, with some places charging up to $200 a day, leaving parents financially crippled.

Surprising end to mum’s ‘humble’ experiment

It's important to sstop and enjoy the special moments.

Taking three small kids to a place where quiet is mandatory sounds crazy. But this mum keeps going back after a very different result.

X-rated error in kids reading game

Reading Egg's X-rated spelling game.

It’s a popular smartphone game, kids can play to develop their reading. But one eagle-eyed parent picked up a hilarious error.

Mum’s sudden death after mystery post

A model and mum of four has died after posting a cryptic message about being called "fat".

A stunning model and mother-of-four has been found dead just hours after a mysterious post on social media.

Bec Judd’s kids party angers parents

Bec Judd's OTT birthdat party for five-year-old slammed.

It’s every little girl’s dream, but some parents have criticised the fifth birthday party Bec Judd threw for her daughter — calling it excessive.

Parents, it’s time to have your say

QLD Parenting Survey

Parenting has never been more stressful, and The Sunday Mail has joined with child experts to give mums and dads a voice. TAKE OUR SURVEY NOW

Planning a child’s birthday party is a full-time job

Children blowing birthday candles.

It is still months away but Lillian Saleh is already in full birthday party planning mode — from where to host their son’s second birthday, to the party’s theme and even the cake. And she’ll have to take plenty of photographs because he won’t remember a thing.

Woman creates custom-made dolls for children with disabilities

The clever and compassionate doll-maker is doing her part to change children’s’ lives by ensuring everyone is represented accurately and inclusively. Source: Facebook/A Doll Like Me

This compassionate woman is doing her part to change the way children see themselves by ensuring everyone is represented.

Father and son’s Frozen dance goes viral

A father and son dress up as Elsa from Frozen and dance around their house to Let It Go. The video has since gone viral.

The internet is losing it after a dad dressed as Elsa from Frozen with his four-year-old son. The video of the pair dancing has won the hearts of millions.

Tips on travelling overseas with a toddler — don’t

Young mother and her baby boy traveling by plane.

It had been months in the planning — but nothing could prepare Lillian Saleh for the six-hour flight with her toddler son in her lap. Worse still were her visions of poolside cocktails giving way to the reality of travelling with a toddler.

’Why I want my son to learn another language’

happy kids with alphabet cards playing

He’s not yet two and is yet to master his ABCs in English, but Lillian Saleh is already wanting her son to speak another language. Here she explains why.

Warning as toddler suffers horror burns

Jagger burned his feet on hot pavement. Picture: Ten

A Perth mum has warned about the dangers of hot pavement after her 14-month-old suffered severe burns to both his feet. WARNING: Graphic.

Transgender dad defends 5yo’s gender wish

Transgender dad who was born female insists he DIDN’T encourage his five-year-old daughter – born a boy – to become a girl Doting dad Greg Rogers, who transitioned from a female at 16, worries that male-born daughter Jayden will face a torrent of abuse from cruel online bullies. Picture: Andy Barr/The Sun

A transgender dad who was born female has insisted he didn’t encourage his five-year-old daughter — born a boy — to live as a girl.

Mum realises 2 adopted kids are siblings

ONE TIME WEB USE ONLY - Single mum stunned to discover the babies she adopted a year apart are brother and sister Katie Page, who lives in Colorado, took in two babies, both four days old, who were abandoned at the same hospital 12 months apart. Picture: Ashley Creative Co

A single mum has told of her shock and delight at discovering two babies she adopted a year apart were actually brother and sister.

Mum busts nanny abusing autistic son

Mum busts nanny abusing autistic son

A mother was horrified when she checked her home security footage to find her babysitter hitting and swearing at her child with autism.

$4 doll Kmart mums are going crazy for

"Albuquerque, USA - June 15, 2012: Studio shot of a pile of Barbie fashion dolls. Barbie dolls are have been manufactured by Mattel, Inc. since1959. Barbie dolls are often a subject of criticisms since she promotes an unrealistic idea of body image for a young woman, leading to a risk that girls who attempt to emulate her look will become anorexic."

Bye bye Barbies and Bratz. Aussie mums are praising Kmart over its newest toy they say “finally” reflects a healthy body to kids.

Kim K slammed for ‘spoiling’ nieces

Versace Fall 2019 - Arrivals

No hand-me-downs for the Kardashian kids as Kim K spoils them with miniature Louis Vuitton bags, outraging social media users over the “ridiculous” Christmas gifts.

Dad makes app that forces teens to reply to texts

Lifestyle portrait of a young man texting sms

A frustrated dad was sick of his 13-year-old son ignoring his texts. So he developed an app that enables parents to lock their kid’s phone until they write back.

Brother’s touching determination for sister

Boy with terminal cancer hangs on to meet baby sister

A little boy fought terminal cancer long enough to meet and name his newborn sister, telling his parents: “You can only cry for 20 minutes.”

Global grief as celebrity cat dies

Bailey, the ginger charmer was an incredibly affectionate cat. Source: Instagram/Bailey No Ordinary Cat

Bailey was no ordinary cat. And the fact that these little girls have received so much support after his passing proves exactly that.

Warning about popular Kmart toy

Like many parents, Ms Solly had bought the remote controlled bike as a Christmas present for her child. Picture: Samantha Solly

If your child received this present for Christmas you need to return it now, following fears the Kmart toy could go up in flames.

What being a working mum taught me

Supplied Editorial Dt Features Generic hassled working mum with baby Picture: iStock

2018 was a big year for first-time mum Lillian Saleh. She returned to work full-time after having her baby boy and has spent the year trying to get that “work-life balance” right. And it hasn’t been easy.

Fake delivery driver tries to abduct kids

The grandma managed to fight off the man.

A grandmother has bravely fought off a fake delivery driver who used a disguise to force his way into their home before trying to abduct kids.

Mums lose it over Big W stools

BIG W has dropped an extended range of plush animal ottomans for kids, just in time for Christmas and mums are wasting no time getting their hands on one

Mums are losing their minds after Big W decided to sell an extended range of plush animal ottomans for kids, including a unicorn version.

Fast-thinking mum’s amazing rescue


She was confronted with every mother’s worst nightmare. But this Aussie woman jumped into action and saved her daughter’s life.

Entitled mum’s crazy texts to teacher

Crazy mum texts. Picture: Reddit

A swimming teacher who offers lessons for free received a series of ridiculous texts from a nightmare mother demanding she teach her son as well.

Woolies shrugs off baby formula fury

Chantel Malthouse uploaded this video to Facebook of what she claims to be Woolworths shoppers well going over the two-tin baby formula limit.

Woolworths has shrugged off complaints of customers appearing to abuse its two-tin baby formula limit, after a furious woman’s video went viral.

Happiest primary school ‘Light Up’ Christmas

Videograbs from Flakefleet Primary School's Christmas Carol Picture: Supplied/ Youtube. Source:

A tiny UK primary school have made an adorable Christmas carol that has surpassed Mariah Carey and Wham in the charts.

Kmart predator ‘parent’s nightmare’

Blurred of kids toy store

A depraved man caught masturbating over a little girl in a Kmart toy aisle has been jailed, and it wasn’t his first offence.

What the heck do you gift your child’s educators?

Stressed woman shopping for gifts of christmas with red santa hat looking angry and distressed

Lillian Saleh is struggling to find the perfect Christmas gift for the daycare educators she trusts with her son’s health and wellbeing every day she’s at work. And she’s not alone.

Mum’s discovery of son’s secret talent

Child Girl Playing Piano, Close Up View

Those magical early milestones are some of the greatest highs you’ll ever experience as a parent, but their impact lessens over time. Except for one.

How seven-year-old made $30 million

Forbes just released its highest-paid YouTube stars of 2018 and eighth on that list is Ryan, a seven-year-old boy who made an unbelievable $US22 million ($AU30.5 million) last year for uploading YouTube videos of him playing with toys.

Unless you have a kid you probably won’t be surprised to learn why his seven-year-old boy is raking in millions of dollars.

Why this Santa is so special to Liam

Special santa sessions for children with autism ...

Like most five-year-olds, little Liam Sloan loves Christmas … but living with an Autism Spectrum Disorder has made a pre-Christmas visit with Santa a little more challenging for him than many other youngsters – until now.

Hit and miss luck of taking photos with Santa

RendezView. Santa and kids. (iStock)

After her baby’s hysterical outburst just at the sight of Santa last year, Lillian Saleh decided to give photos with Santa another go with her now 19-month-old, expecting another diaster.

Coles Little Shop named most painful

Coles might have won the great supermarket collectables war with its Little Shop toy giveaway but parents say the level of pestering from children was unprecedented.

‘I’m not buying my toddler any Christmas presents’

Supplied Editorial Christmas gift children Picture: iStock

With a cupboard full of unopened presents, Lillian Saleh is thinking of doing the unthinkable - rewrapping them for her toddler to open on Christmas Day instead of buying him new ones. It’s not like he’s going to notice.

Amazing response to heartbreaking note

Undated handout photo issued by Teri Copland of the envelope that contained a letter seven-year-old Jase Hyndman wrote to his dad James Hyndman in Heaven.. Issue date: Thursday November 29, 2018. In response to Jase's envelope requesting to be sent to "heaven", Royal Mail's Sean Milligan said: "I just wanted to take this opportunity to contact you about how we succeeded in the delivery of your letter, to your dad in heaven. Jase and his 10-year-old sister Neive mark the occasion of their father's birthday every year since he died in May 2014. See PA story SOCIAL Letter. Photo credit should read: Teri Copland/PA Wire NOTE TO EDITORS: This handout photo may only be used in for editorial reporting purposes for the contemporaneous illustration of events, things or the people in the image or facts mentioned in the caption. Reuse of the picture may require further permission from the copyright holder.

A young boy wrote a letter to his father in heaven and the response from British Royal Mail was outstanding.

Mum’s warning as kids offered ‘surprise’

The mum caught the man on camera. Picture: Stacey Alderman/Facebook

A mum has released video of the moment a man approached her two boys at the front of their home and tried to lure them away with biscuits.

Girl’s incredible tribute to Connie Johnson

This little girl

The sister of actor Samuel Johnson left behind an incredible legacy following her death last year, which this adorable little girl wanted to celebrate at school.

Why I don’t want to shout at my toddler anymore

Young woman showing time out hand gesture, frustrated screaming

I’m turning into one of those mothers who seems to be always yelling at her toddler, Lillian Saleh writes. Not out of anger — but fear. Mostly mine. For him. And here’s why it just has to stop.

Blogger’s ‘shameful’ birthday Insta post

Blogger Katie Bower was slammed for her post about her son.

Posting about your son’s birthday is something many mums do, but this blogger had to issue a tearful retraction after it spiralled out of control.

Scary parenting trend revealed

There's a new reason why experts want you to put down your phone.

For years, experts have raised concern over how much phone time kids have each day. But now the tables have turned and parents in the firing line.

Kaz Cooke’s new baby survival guide for parents

ONE TIME USE ONLY FOR SUNDAY TELEGRAPH - NOVEMBER 17 Illustrations and cover from: Babies & Toddlers by Kaz Cooke is the brand new sequel to her bestselling guide to pregnancy, Up The Duff, published by Penguin Random House and out tomorrow, $39.99

She demystified pregnancy in hilarious bestseller Up The Duff, now Kaz Cooke is helping parents through the next stage with its sequel Babies & Toddlers. Here is an exclusive extract.

Taking a toddler to the movies is its own drama

Happy group of kids at the cinema eating popcorn

It’s the latest movie everyone is talking about, and instead of missing out Lillian Saleh decided to go to the movies with her 18-month-old toddler. It wasn’t even a “mums and bubs” session, but brought with it its own drama.

Girl, 10, overdosed after being bullied

ONE TIME WEB USE ONLY - FEE APPLIES FOR REUSE - Lily-Jo Caldcott, 10, in hospital on her birthday. A mum has shared a heart-breaking image of her 10-year-old daughter in hospital after a suicide attempt because of alleged bullying at school. See SWNS story SWMDbully. Jess Brown rushed her daughter Lily-Jo to Worcestershire Royal Hospital on Monday night – the day before her birthday – after she refused to eat and then �took tablets�. �My daughter is fighting for her life because of bullying,� said Jess, a mum-of-three from Worcester. Lily-Jo started at Witton Middle School, Droitwich, in September and after a couple of weeks her mum noticed she was not herself and had become withdrawn. In a letter to headteacher, Cath Crossley, last week, Jess described how her daughter has �constantly been bullied� by one other female pupil since starting at the school. �She has pulled her hair, pushed her, smacked Lily-Jo and also shut a locker door on Lily-Jo's head, stamped on her foot when it was broken – the list is endless.

This girl’s mum has shared heartbreaking pics of her daughter after bullies drove her to attempt to take her own life. WARNING: Confronting.

Driver’s surprise discovery in leaf pile

The driver snapped this photo of a boy in a pile of leaves.

A postie was taking a break when he spotted something weird in a pile of leaves next to his car. Now he wants to warn others.

Mum slammed for breastfeeding 9yo daughter

Mum breastfeeds 9-year-old. Picture: Dan Charity/The Sun

This child has only just stopped being breastfed by her mother, who says the ritual has strengthened their close bond.

Dad ‘mortified’ over Woolies frog cake

The $50 cake created by Woolworths.

A dad from Tamworth has hit out at Woolworths after they charged him $50 for a birthday cake he said was a ‘disaster’.

Mum builds $7m business from public housing

Beth Bartam, 34, from Buxton, Derbyshire.

A single mum who left her partner and moved into public housing with her three young children has built a $7m business.

To the stranger who didn’t judge me — thank you

Baby crying

ONE of the hardest things about being a mum is being judged by others, especially when your child has a public meltdown. Lillian Saleh now goes out with her son only when she has to but she’s hoping people’s reactions will change.

Silly pocket money Aussie kids get

Australian cash in mans jeans pocket

COLLECTIVELY, Australian parents give their kids enough pocket money to film, market and distribute a Marvel Avengers film.

Missing schoolboy didn’t want to go home

Schoolboy goes missing in Logan.

A NINE-YEAR-OLD, who told his friends he didn’t want to go home after school, has been missing for more than a day.

Worrying study links air pollution and autism

Coal-fired power station

YOUNG children exposed to toxic air pollutants are significantly more likely to develop autism, according to worrying new Australian research.

Worrying reason parents should never smack kids

istock. Father hitting son

IT’S not illegal to smack your children, but there are growing calls both here and overseas for it to be banned, after the release of a concerning report.

Aussie kids anxious over healthy food obsession

Great Australian Eating Survey

CHILDREN are being shamed for their food choices and adults are confused about healthy eating information. Take our survey for a personalised report and the chance to win a big cash prize.

Why I was relieved it was my boy who was bitten

A little boy, 4 years old, eating a hotdog at a picnic. His mouth is full as he takes a bite. He is wearing a gray shirt with blue sleeves. Standing behind him are other children eating hotdogs.

WHEN her son’s daycare educators approached her with the dreaded “incident report”, Lillian Saleh instantly thought her son had done something horrible to another child. How wrong was she. And how bad does she feel.

How much money you need to have a baby

New born baby boy resting in mothers arms.

AUSSIE parents wish they’d been more financially prepared before having kids, with new research showing one in two aren’t baby-ready.

Coins top pick for children’s collectables

Anzac Coin launch

FORGET footy cards — coins are the collector’s item of choice for Aussie youngsters, according to new research.

$5 meal that will feed the whole family

Daily Telegraph

IT costs just $5 to make, will satisfy fussy eaters and for exhausted mums and dads, it gets dinner done in just 10 minutes. It’s no wonder this recipe went viral.

Mum’s heartbreaking photo: ‘This is what bullying does’

Carrie's daughter, named as Sophia, lies in a hospital bed after being bullied, her mum said.

THIS little girl was hospitalised because she had stopped eating and had trouble sleeping after being severely bullied at school.

‘I’m not ready to let anyone else look after my boy’

Young Mom Leaves Baby with Sitter

IN the 18 months since he was born, Lillian Saleh is yet to leave her son in anyone’s care apart from her husband and his daycare educators. Is not that she hasn’t had any offers — it’s just that she’s not ready to let go. And isn’t sure if she ever will be.

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