Sacked for sharing massacre video

This image grab from a self-shot video that was streamed on Facebook Live on March 15, 2019 by the man who was involved in two mosque shootings in Christchurch shows the man holding a gun as he enters the Masjid al Noor mosque. - A "right-wing extremist" armed with semi-automatic weapons rampaged through two mosques in the quiet New Zealand city of Christchurch during afternoon prayers on March 15, killing 49 worshippers and wounding dozens more. (Photo by Handout / HANDOUT / AFP) / -----EDITORS NOTE --- RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE - MANDATORY CREDIT "AFP PHOTO / HANDOUT" - NO MARKETING - NO ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS - DISTRIBUTED AS A SERVICE TO CLIENTS - NO ARCHIVES

深圳风采投注 Kiwi workers have been fired for watching the Christchurch shooter’s lifestream at work and sharing it with colleagues

Aussie work tradition dying out

Aussie workers are swapping smoking for vaping. Picture: iStock

It’s as Australian as Tim Tams, Vegemite and chucking a sickie — but this workplace institution is finally on the brink of extinction.

Push for $43-a-week wage boost

Close-up of senior female hands counting dollar coins

Unions have called for Australia’s lowest-paid workers to get a $43-a-week pay increase after Labor hinted at tweaking industrial relations laws to drive wages up.

‘He was going to remove his trousers’

Karen Andrews, Minister for Industry, Science and Technology, told a shock story about a male stakeholder who indicated he was going to remove his pants.

A government minister had to walk out in the middle of a meeting with a male stakeholder who seemed to be about to take off his pants.

Weird stuff pizza delivery drivers see

Please put pants on when accepting your pizza delivery.

From couple’s being caught in some very X-rated situations to seriously bizarre orders, these are some of the strangest things delivery drivers have to deal with.

How many Aussies worked at Macca’s

Melbourne, Australia: April 09, 2018: McDonalds drive through and McCafe in St Kilda. McDonald's is the world's largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants.

A huge amount of Aussies have worked at Macca’s since it first opened in the 70s, with over a million of them under 25.

$17k cost hitting families of four hard

The annual cost of raising children

Ever wondered why you never have any money? If you’ve got two or more kids, we’ve got some bad news for you.

Film exposes Australia’s dark secret

ha aja aka aka aka

A girl who was whipped and told to work naked by her employer has hit back with a film which exposes Australia’s sordid underbelly.

Iraqi workers ‘nothing but slaves’


Former employees of the Iraqi Consulate in Sydney say they were subjected to relentless bullying, death threats and even physical assault by government officials.

Cop facing sack for farting and swearing

ONE TIME WEB USE ONLY - FEE APPLIES FOR REUSE - A farting woman detective asked a junior officer if he wanted an affair with a "fatter, ugly, older woman", a misconduct panel heard. Foul-mouthed Detective Constable Claire Fitzpatrick, 44, would swear using the C-word and break wind in front of other officers. But she said her behavior was part of "a culture of banter" inside her village police station. Pictured here is Claire Fitzpatrick WALES NEWS SERVICE Picture: Wales News Service/Australscope

Claire Fitzpatrick is accused of breaking wind and asking a colleague if he wanted an affair but she says it was just work ‘banter’.

Train guard sacked for penis photo

Snapchat, Instagram, Pintrest and other social media apps on cellphone

A Sydney Trains guard told a female co-worker “when I am drunk I send naughty images” before Snapchatting her a photo of his penis.

Man sacked for taking toilet breaks

Youre fired. Unhappy bearded business man going out with cardboard, looking at camera and feeling looser. Outdoor

An Amazon worker with Crohn's disease allegedly lost his job because he made too many bathroom visits. Now he plans to sue.

World reacts to Muffin Break boss

Muffin Break general manager Natalie Brennan.

The world has reacted after claims emerged from the boss of Muffin Break that Gen Y are too obsessed with social media to work for free.

The jobs most likely to kill you

Multi-Ethnic People With Various Occupations Standing Together

Australia’s most dangerous industries have been revealed, with analysis showing one person dies on the job every two days.

Boss mocked for morning routine

Global Sales vice president Christian Knudsen's moring routine has gone viral. Picture: LinkedIn

Christian Knudsen gets up everyday at 4.30am but that’s not what’s attracted attention.

Cop wins right to four-day week

Police tape cordoning off a area with a yellow car

A Victoria police officer has been granted the right to work four 10-hour shifts a week instead of the usual five eight-hour shifts.

Best part about four-day week

Emily Svadlenak

A year ago, this New Zealand company introduced a four-day work week. Now its employees have revealed a surprising benefit.

Uniqlo hit with $1m racism claim

Uniqlo's machines will sell heat-retaining shirts and lightweight down jackets. PHOTO: C WAGNER/UNIQLO

A former Melbourne-based Uniqlo exec is suing the Japanese retail giant, alleging she was bullied and discriminated against for not being a man of “Asian descent”.

Why you should knock off at 3pm

Image of businessman leaving office building

A Melbourne boss says slashing working hours to just six a day is more than an impossible dream — and could even be the key to success.

Bill limiting super rort to cost AMP

AMP Generics

AMP will lose up to $30 million a year if a bill is passed forcing the wealth management company to hand over 370,000 superannuation accounts.

New way porn stars are raking in cash

Dani Daniels

Valentina Marie used to work at a salon earning less than $300 a week. Now the 27-year-old rakes in more than $1400 a day.

Barrister’s spray at ‘sexist’ male lawyers

Joanna Hardy

A fed-up female barrister has told her male colleagues to stop “behaving like they’re on a stag do” and making jokes “about breasts and skirts”.

Man’s horror death in sulphuric acid tank

Daniel Hill

A factory worker has died after falling into a tank of sulphuric acid, leaving him “completely submerged and 100 per cent covered in burns”.

Female pilot sacked after two weeks

Capain Zoe Kotnik Picture: US Air Force

Captain Zoe Kotnik became the first female pilot to lead the US Air Force’s Viper team last month. A fortnight later, she was asked to leave.

KFC pays breastfeeding mum $2.1 million

KFC order to pay $2.1 million for stopping employee from breastfeeding

A KFC franchisee has been ordered to pay $2.1 million to a young breastfeeding mother for the shocking way she was treated.

Reason woman rejected from 1000 jobs

Sad reason deaf woman knocked back from 1000 jobs.

A woman in northern England says she has been knocked back from 1000 jobs for a cruel and discriminatory reason.

Hidden devastation in innocent video

a a a a a a a a a a

When Nigel Simmons filmed his wife and daughter playing in the rain two weeks ago, he never thought the situation would turn into despair.

$30k payout after ‘black b**tard’ gaffe

(FILES) In this file photo taken on October 28, 2009 Joe Jackson speaks during a press conference at the Brenden Theatres inside the Palms Casino Resort to announce plans to build a performing arts center in Gary, Indiana in Las Vegas, Nevada. Joe Jackson, the father of Michael Jackson who created the Jackson 5 music family with iron will, died June 27, 2018, reports said. He was 89. Entertainment sites TMZ and ET said that Jackson died Wednesday after a battle with cancer. Representatives for family members did not immediately respond to requests for comment, but Jackson himself hinted at his impending death in a tweet two days ago. / AFP PHOTO / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Isaac Brekken

A radio newsreader’s on-air use of the words “great big black b**tard” to describe Michael Jackson’s father “did not amount to a racial slur”.

Staff told to wear ‘skimpy outfits’

JIndows- the new trend in jeans

Former Topshop employees claim they were asked to wear “skimpy” outfits when billionaire owner Philip Green inspected stores.

Bikini baristas battle bare butt ban

Bikini baristas

How much “anal cleft” is one allowed to show while at work? That’s the question one Washington state court is trying to answer.

Worker wins $9k for a day’s work

Helen Mawhinney

A cafe worker has been awarded nearly $9000 in compensation after she worked a full shift only to be told afterwards it was an “unpaid trial”.

Coles manager’s creepy ‘whispers’

Coles Rickie Lee

A creepy Coles manager liked to stand “within 10cm” of young female staff members, touch them inappropriately and whisper “good evening” into their ears.

Worn-out doc branded ‘emotional female’

Dr Yumiko Kadota has shared her experience as a junior doctor. Picture:

Junior doctor Yumiko Kadota has detailed the ugly side of becoming a surgeon in Australia and the horror workload that broke her.

Pub empire underpaid staff by $100k

The Henson Hotel

A Sydney pub chain has paid out more than $100,000 to 31 workers who say they were underpaid on a “regular and systematic” basis.

Prime real estate going to waste

Why isn't Chick-Fil-A open during the Super Bowl?

A fast food chain has a concession store at the stadium hosting the Super Bowl but there’s just one problem.

Facebook post ends in $250k lawsuit


Six years after an admin worker accused a group of students of racial discrimination, she’s admitted the legal bill has become too much.

Pub tsar denies ‘tantrum’ over staff pay

Justin Hemmes

Billion-dollar pub empire Merivale has apparently cancelled its annual staff party, in what workers see as retaliation for a fair wage decision.

Why would any woman sign up for this?


You’re called a sl*t or an ugly cow, your appearance is criticised and rape threats are par for the course. Welcome to life as a female politician.

Man’s drastic revenge over unpaid $1080

Shocking footage showed the angry worker repeatedly driving into the glass entrance of the venue on the same day builders had finished working on it.

This is the shocking moment an outraged builder slammed a digger into a brand new hotel after claiming he hadn’t been paid his wages.

Man sacked over cheeky Macca’s order

Mcdonald's Big Mac. Fast food. Takeaway.

A Sydney man has lost his job after a cheeky Big Mac and nuggets order came back to bite him.

Bar owner accused of racist ban


The owner of a well-known Darwin nightspot has been accused of racism and underpaying his staff by tens of thousands of dollars.

Billion-dollar pub empire’s wage whinge


Justin Hemmes’ billion-dollar pub empire Merivale isn’t happy about having to pay its young staff the wages they’re entitled to.

Backlash to bar’s low-cut top demand

An employee of the Amplifier Bar posted on social media about her dismay at the change in uniforms.

A Perth bar manager has backed down after threatening female employees to find new employment if they wouldn’t wear low cut tops.

PM abandoned: ‘They’ve all gone now’

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison drinks a beer during the match between Roger Federer of Switzerland and Stefanos Tsitsipas of Greece on day seven of the Australian Open tennis tournament in Melbourne, Sunday, January 20, 2019. (AAP Image/Lukas Coch) NO ARCHIVING, EDITORIAL USE ONLY

The exit of yet another woman from the Liberal Party was a blow for Scott Morrison. But it could get a lot worse for the Prime Minister.

Macca’s worker gets smoko payout

Picture of the logo of food chain McDonald's, taken in Caracas on September 2, 2018. - McDonalds closed down several of its restaurants in Venezuela. Venezuela's economy has collapsed into chaos under President Nicolas Maduro since 2013, with falling oil prices leading to chronic shortages of food and medicine and hundreds of thousands of people fleeing the country. (Photo by Federico PARRA / AFP)

A McDonald’s worker who broke her leg after falling from a ladder she’d climbed for a quick smoke break will receive a payout.

How student lost hundreds to fees

Supplied Editorial Student Super CEO Andrew Maloney 1. Source: Supplied

A survey of more than 3500 young Australians reveals nearly half don’t know how super works and could be paying up to $1200 in fees through default super funds.

Teachers ‘at the end of their tether’

Generic image of teacher teaching students inside school classroom.

Difficult kids, abusive parents, endless admin and less actual teaching. No wonder almost half of new Aussie teachers quit within five years.

Solution to Australia’s $18b problem?

Feeling Great: December 7 Young beautiful business woman trying to concentrate looking at laptop monitor

It’s a common problem around the world that costs us billions in lost revenue. But some companies are coming up with innovative solutions.

Macca’s staff warned against toilet breaks

This photograph taken on September 6, 2018, shows the logo of a McDonalds restaurant in Montpellier, southern France. - From the 1970s it was accused of being the exporter of "bad food" to the land of fine dining, blamed for introducing American fast-food. And resistance to the golden arches continues: a mayor on the island of Oleron in western France has famously battled to keep the company out, and the brand is still a favorite target of anti-capitalist protesters during street demonstrations. But in a turn of events that would have had food purists choking, campaigners including local lawmakers have mobilized to save, not shut, a restaurant in one of the poorest suburbs of the southern city of Marseille. (Photo by PASCAL GUYOT / AFP)

Hundreds of McDonald’s workers have been threatened with not being allowed to go to the toilet or have a drink of water, sparking outrage.

Cops caught in ‘love rectangle’

NYPD Sgt. Kandou Worley and officer Stephanie Gallardo Instagram

The love lives of four US police officers became so entangled their superiors had to confiscate their guns to stop them killing each other.

Woman sacked over office aircon fight

Fired female employee holding box of belongings in an office

A worker has been fired after she told her boss she couldn’t feel the cold due to her “extra padding” during a fight over office heating.

Shock advice after shooting tragedy

BEST NEWS PICTURES OF 2018 - epa06543866 Nikolas Cruz appears in court for a status hearing before Broward Circuit Judge Elizabeth Scherer in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA, 19 February 2018. Cruz is facing 17 charges of premeditated murder in the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. EPA/MIKE STOCKER/ POOL

A report into the deadly Parkland high school massacre has just been released — and one key sentence in its 439 pages is dividing America.

Dog saves woman from sleazy boss

Portrait of a young female cane corso dog.

A young woman who was repeatedly sexually harassed at her workplace was saved by an unlikely hero — her boss’s very own 43kg dog.

Mistakes smart people don’t fall for

Shot of a young woman looking stressed while using a laptop to work from home

An expert has revealed the secret behind some people’s success — and the good news is most of us can learn their brilliant technique.

Body found after office party complaints

UK lawyer Brexit expert Geraint Thomas, 47, was told women had complained about him after the party on December 17, with the body of the married dad-of-two found the next day.

Father-of-two Geraint Thomas was accused of inappropriate behaviour at an end-of-year work party. The next day, he was found dead.

Cryptic posts before cruise ship plunge

Harmony of the Seas crew member Arron Hough, 20, is believed to have fallen overboard on Christmas Day. Picture: Facebook

A massive search is under way for a young cruise ship entertainer who mysteriously fell overboard after posting an unsettling series of tweets.

Most ridiculous 000 calls made in 2018

Emergency number 000 in Australia on an ambulance

From asking what the time is to trying to order a burger, these are some of the crazy reasons people have called triple-0 this year.

‘Very horny’ fashion boss faces charges

tom ford file pic istock

The woman is accused of a string of sexual outbursts, including telling staff she “needs sex every day” as she “can’t live without it”.

‘My husband died and no one cares’

Iremar Da Silva with wife Linda Moussa. Picture: Supplied

Iremar Da Silva was larger than life and loved beer, soccer and having a laugh with mates. But tragically, his life was cut short on the job.

Cop’s emotional plea goes viral

Jade Hunter

A police officer has been praised online for an emotional plea urging trolls not to “penalise the police for having feelings” after difficult jobs.

Five words no parent should hear

Danger on the street. Blue flasher on the police car at night.

A police officer has revealed the exact, powerful words they tell every parent that has lost a child due to speeding in a moving Facebook post.

Woman ‘fired picking up kids from school’

Erandio, Spain - March 8, 2011: Inc. logo as seen on an LCD screen with facebook front page opened in Safari web browser. Amazon is one of the most famous online shop in the internet.

Rachel Shafner’s husband was in hospital, so she asked her boss for flexible hours to pick up her kids from school. Then she lost her job.

Big mistake many will make next week

Stressed young businesswoman in the office.

We’ve almost made it through yet another year — but experts say many Aussies will be tempted to make a huge workplace blunder next Monday.

Factory worker impaled by spikes

Factory worker impaled on steel nails in accident, Zhuzhou, Hunan province, China - 05 Dec 2018

WARNING: Graphic. A 49-year-old man was on the night shift at a porcelain factory in China when this accident happened.

Teen’s public rant over ‘bulls**t’ job

Canadian teen Jackson Racicot quite his job at Walmart via intercom. Picture: Facebook

Jackson Racicot was “sick of all the bulls**t” he’d encountered at his retail job — so he grabbed a microphone and went on an epic rant.

Bizarre new employment trend

Business people waiting for job interview Job interviews ... Picture: Thinkstock

In the age of Tinder, a bizarre trend among job-hunters and employees alike has gained a lot of traction this year.

The age you should always act at work

Australian Industry Group state director Shane Rodgers shares the career advice he wishes he had at 25. Picture: LinkedIn

A leading Aussie business guru has shared his quirky career advice — including the surprising age we should always pretend to be.

Big change coming for casual workers

Retail, credit card payment service. Customer paying for order of cheese in grocery shop.

A huge shake-up to the rights of millions of Aussie casual workers is expected to be announced by the federal government later today.

Fast-food workers’ horror stories

Fast food

“We didn’t have frozen raspberry, so he threatened to slit my throat.” Fast-food workers have shared shocking accounts of abuse.

Being called Kiwi ‘ruined my life’

Vili Milisits

A woman who launched legal action against her employer after she was called a “Kiwi” says the experience has ruined her life.

Shocking attack caught on film

Molly Phillips, was seen on CCTV to be strangled by chef Nathan Webb.

This is the sickening moment chef Nathan Webb choked a female colleague at a staff Christmas party, leaving her with permanent injuries.

Real cost of ‘scared’ #MeToo men

Sunrise hosts copped criticism for their one-sided discussion about the #MeToo movement. Picture: Channel 7

As the Me Too movement forces a cultural reset on workplaces, worried men are putting up barriers — but it’s coming at a cost.

Reason behind weird staff photo

ha aja aja aja aj

If you look closely at this staff picture you’ll notice something funny’s going on and the firm behind it has explained why it took action.

Shock stat on sexism in Australia

The `science' behind the wolf whistle, Apprentice Carpenter Thomas Gough on a building site says it is in appropriate to wolf whistle

Revealing research hints that a huge number of Aussies are pushing back on the #MeToo movement and think women exaggerate their experiences.

Staff allege culture of ‘forced hugging’

Ted Baker Wooster VIP Event

More than 2500 people have signed a petition demanding an end to alleged harassment and “forced hugging” at a top British fashion retailer.

Why your pay packet is not going up

Millennial businessman is commuting on a tram in Melbourne, Victoria. He is watching something on his smart phone with headphones while standing and holding on to the rail.

The economy is ticking along nicely and unemployment is low, yet many Aussies are not seeing their wages increase. Here’s who to blame.

Man sacked by KFC while in jail

Berlin, Germany - June 7, 2016: The Kentucky Fried Chicken acronym KFC is an American fast food chain.

A Kiwi man is crying fowl after KFC sacked him for failing to turn up to work because he was in jail. The charges were dismissed — now he wants his job back.

How your pay compares to other Aussies

Australian One Hundred Dollar Bills

If you have wondered how your pay compares to other Australians, some key figures have been released showing what we all earn.

Shocking rash of porn star suicides

The 2018 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo

A porn star who survived a recent suicide is asking for funding to pay for mental health treatment. There’s now a serious problem in the industry.

Hi-tech vending machine heading to offices


They’re all the rage with companies like Amazon, Nestle and Unilever — and now the “micro-market” is coming to an office near you.

Tradies easily earning $100k a year

Carpenter Jordan Warner is making a fortune from his trade. Picture: Instagram

New data shows more than a quarter of Australia’s tradies are raking in six figures.

Australia’s laziest suburbs revealed

Enjoying milk shake in Surry Hills, Sydney

Would you pick someone’s belly button fluff for $5? A job outsourcing platform has revealed some of Australia’s most requests, and who’s making them.

Dad’s sweet plea for son with Aspergers

Dad's plea for son. Picture: Scott Eager/Facebook

After seeing his son struggling to find a job one dad decided to reach out to the community for help and response he got left him speechless.

Sneaky way your boss is ripping you off

Frustrated intern working on line at office

An infuriating way our bosses are taking 312 hours of our time every year and leaving us $106 billion out of pocket has been revealed.

Still at work right now? You’re a sucker

Image of businessman leaving office building

If you’re sitting at your work computer reading this, you should pack up and go home. There’s nothing your boss can do to stop you.

Police, soldiers storm PNG parliament

About 300 Papua New Guinea police have stormed Parliament House in Port Moresby in protest over unpaid wages from the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit. Images obtained exclusively by The Courier-Mail show parts of PNG Parliament House has been ransacked, windows and doors smashed, and furniture overturned.

About 300 Papua New Guinea police and soldiers have stormed the nation’s parliament, smashing windows and furniture demanding unpaid wages.

Emergency operator told own house on fire

A normal day turned tragic for 911 operator Bill Wiese. Picture: GoFundMe

Dispatcher Bill Wiese was having a regular day at the office — until he answered a devastating phone call that changed everything.

Crazy reason uni banned words

Leeds Trinity Unniversity staff were told not to use ‘frightening’ capitals.

Earlier this year, clapping was banned at one university. Now, capital letters can’t be used to avoid upsetting “snowflake” students.

Weird thing billionaire does each morning

Spanx CEO Sara Blakely has revealed her unusual morning routine. Picture: Instagram @sarablakely

She’s the filthy rich boss of a global underwear empire — and she’s revealed a very unusual daily habit that’s the secret to her success.

Students treated as ‘sex objects’

In this Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2018 photo from left back row, Annemarie Brown, Andrea Courtney, and Marissa Evansin, and from left front row, Sasha Brietzke, Vassiki Chauhan, Kristina Rapuano, pose in New York. The women filed a lawsuit against Dartmouth College for allegedly allowing three professors to create a culture in their department that encouraged drunken parties and subjected female graduate students to harassment, groping and sexual assault. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

Seven women have made explosive claims about an exclusive US university’s toxic culture of sexual harassment, assault and rape.

The one word women shouldn’t say

Silence Please

With the gender pay gap continuing to be a problem for women, this is what they shouldn’t say.

Why the gender pay gap isn’t real

Tired businesswoman holding her nape

Opinion: Once again, we’ve been told women are being paid less than the “bloke sitting next to them” doing the same work. Sorry, but that’s just not true.

Principal fired for crypto mining at work

Stacked cryptocurrency coins

A Chinese headmaster has lost his job after being busted mining cryptocurrency at school — and racking up a $2940 power bill in the process.

Gruesome pictures show US gun horror

US doctors are sharing photos of the realities of gun violence. Picture: Twitter/@

These photos are tough to look at. But there’s a powerful and tragic reason why medics are posting gruesome pictures online.

‘Crazy’ Triple J call sparked ABC chaos

x x x x x

A controversial decision by Triple J about its Hottest 100 countdown has been revealed as the cause of chaos which has engulfed the ABC.

Men ruined by ‘fake rape claims’

x x x x x

Men have had their careers ruined by fake rape claims, and they can’t defend themselves, a panellist on ABC’s Q&A has claimed.

Drivers ditching rideshare apps

Taxify has launched in Sydney as a competitor to Uber. Moneysaver HQ. Sydney, NSW.

Rideshare drivers are fed up with low pay and long hours, with an increasing number of Aussie workers quitting due to unacceptable conditions.

$1 million-a-year sex worker spills

Alice Little

A sex worker on track to earn nearly $1 million this year has revealed what a typical week in her busy schedule looks like.

Shocking footage of teacher punched

This viral video shows a female teacher being punched in the face by a high school student. Picture: YouTube

A SHOCKING video showing an aggressive teenage student brutally attacking a female teacher has gone viral on social media.

Hero cop’s incredible sacrifice

This undated photo provided by the Ventura County Sheriff's Department shows Sheriff's Sgt. Ron Helus, who was killed Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2018, in a deadly shooting at a country music bar in Thousand Oaks, Calif. (Ventura County Sheriff's Department via AP)

POLICE officer Ron Helus called his wife yesterday before heading out to a job. It was the last conversation they’d ever have.

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